Sloe Gin

DSC_0838We started our first batch of Sloe Gin yesterday. Never made it, never even sampled it, but given the abundance of Sloe in nearby meadows, and given how many of our local friends all go hmm-sloe-gin at the mention, we thought we’d give it a try.

We picked 1.2 kg of Sloe, sterilised a suitably sized vessel, washed and pricked the berries. We added 100 g sugar and a litre of Gin, and sealed the jar.

Now it sits in a quiet place and waits for Christmas.

Update, November 2018:

We have since made, given away and enjoyed several batches of Sloe, Plum, Raspberry, Blackberry and Elderberry Gin, each and every one a huge success. My personal favourite is Raspberry Gin, made from the leftovers from Raspberry Jam making. The perfect waste-not plan!