Mackerel Tart

Cut 120g of soft butter into little pieces. The butter should not be hard, but cool enough so that you still need a knife to dice it. Add 240g of plain white wheat flour. Add a pinch of salt unless you were using salted butter, then blend the mix together to make crumbles. You can get your hands dirty with this, but because your hands are warm and melt the butter, it is best to use a hand mixer or similar.

When you have crumbles, add two medium-sized whole free range eggs. (I say medium sized because no recipe was ever written for the large monstrosities that appear to be the norm on supermarket shelves these days.) Mix until you have a smooth yet firm dough, adding one or two tablespoons of cold water if necessary.

Wrap it in clingfilm and chill for half an hour, especially if you were using your hands to make the dough.